Susan's Disney Family - 
"I put the mat at the door, and I was amazed at how much dirt we were bringing into the house. And I feel better now that I have The Amazing Mat, I know when I bring the trash from the yard through the house on trash day, this mat will capture the germs, and keep my house cleaner."
New Age Mama -  
"My husband has year round allergies and since we started using the mat, there has been a lot less sneezing and sniffing, and best of all for me, less snoring!  This is an amazing product that will save you time, money, and can even improve the health of your family."

Dog Tipper - 
"The back of the mat features a non-skidding back and it did a good job of not scooting around as walked on it” and “the dogs and cats don’t seem to mind walking across it."

She Scribes -  
"Gross! All that dirt you see would have been in my home had the mat not picked it off the bottom of the shoe."

Mom Trends - 
"The city streets are messy. Grit, grim and dirt all end up on my family's shoes – meaning that this disgusting combination also ends up in my house. To combat that I have been trapping the outside world by placing the Amazing Mat at my front door."

The Life of Rylie & Bryce, too - 
"I absolutely love our mat and can't see our home without it now!"

Go Yay! - 
"I am really enjoying how effective it is at trapping dirt, germs and even pet hair right at the front door. This has reduced my need to sweep and mop tremendously."

Living on Love & Cents - 
"My son and I were both impressed with the mat. I like the look of the bamboo design that I chose. I like that it catches the "bad stuff" at the door! This is a huge help in keeping our home allergen free!... I imagined a mat that was like stepping in glue. BUT I was wrong. The Amazing Mat is just sticky enough to grab the small things from your feet but not sticky enough to slow you down. It is AMAZING how it is just enough to do the job!"

Just Like June – 
"Saves me time, cleaning, and reduces dirt and germs? I predict the Amazing Mat will be used in our home for a long time."

Jamie's Precious Peas – 
"This truly is an amazing floor mat! The dirtiest place in our house I feel is coming in from the garage to the laundry room. We have tried a rubber mat but it didn't seem to grab the dirt from our shoes. We tried a throw rug but it kept moving around too much. We have since tried The Amazing Mat and it is by far my favorite!"

Kostiuk Crew – 
"Impress doesn't even come close to how I feel about The Amazing Mat. Astonished and amazed is more like it. At first I wasn't really sure how it was going to work but now after a few uses I am a lifelong customer and fan."