The Amazing Mat comes from a new and innovative company dedicated to bringing this wonderful product to homes around the globe. It is the result of taking a viable and successful idea in one commercial area and bringing it to the home market. Based in Southern CA, The Amazing Mat Company is committed to providing the highest quality customer service. Our products are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee (less shipping costs).

The Amazing Mat is a partner of Purus International Inc. Purus has produced and sold to the computer, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing markets as well as NASA, defense and nuclear industries. It has been manufacturing the product line under the most stringent quality and compliance regulations. Purus International Inc. has been the leading supplier to these high tech markets over the last decade, and continues to develop and expand contamination control products on an ongoing basis.

When the idea came to convert this product for home use, The Amazing Mat Company was born! We believe the protection and safety designed for commercial use belongs in the home, to protect our families. We are dedicated to bringing this new and innovative product to the front lines of home protection. The Amazing Mat Company offers the highest quality, best value and dedicated customer service to its customers.